Delta media is a music consultation and internet radio broadcast company.  Our goal is to promote local music and help music come alive.  our services include equipment setup consultation, music production, live mixing engineer, songwriting, PA rental (coming soon) and live recording (coming soon).  For information on these services, use the contact page for email or phone.

Delta Media is run by Gregory Vasquez.  Greg has been a musician since 1990 and has played with numerous groups.  He plays many various instruments from the trombone to almost every instrument in a rock band.  He has produced many projects for local musicians since the mid 90’s from reggae to hard rock. He has worked for many years as a studio engineer and live recording/sound engineer for westside recording studio.

Currently, Delta Media is setting up an internet radio broadcast on  this site under the Listen Live link.  For inquiries on getting your band’s music on the show, send an email to broadcast@delta-media.us.
Right now the show is on from 9pm to 11pm monday through thursday and working on a weekend show.  As more DJ’s are brought on staff, the broadcast times will change to fill the day with more local  music. Interested? Send an email to broadcast@delta-media.us.

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